Customer Service Programs

We help you provide best in class warranty service to your customers. We have supported warranty and extended service plan requirements for our clients since 1982.

We employ a combination of in-bound call center support, emails, online chat and web site technology to respond quickly to service, repair or replacement requests. We provide specific product training to our customer service representatives to enable them to troubleshoot common service and repair issues. For more complex problems we employ knowledge based systems and can “hot transfer”  escalated issues to your product specialists.

We will also coordinate the service call with the appropriate local service provider. We arrange all the logistics to make sure the proper parts and a service technician are dispatched to the customer’s location on time. For depot maintenance we will make sure the customer follows all the appropriate instructions for sending in their repair item.

We follow all this up by providing you with a complete set of reports detailing the service activity that has been coordinated.

  • Quality response to customer service requests
    • First and/or second level problem analysis
  • Service call coordination, fulfillment and dispatch
  • Support for large and small appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Televisions
  • Cameras
  • Commercial Products