Our Process

Strategic Planning and Program Development

We realize the importance of establishing clear communication with our clients. That’s why we start all new programs with an indepth analysis of the goals and requirements of the program or campaign.

Our clients often provide us with information from their past marketing efforts including the media employed, target audience, any special offers and the net results of the campaigns including their return on investment if known. We then analyze the successes and shortfalls and apply the findings along with our respective marketing expertise to develop the most effective marketing campaign.

From there we define the metrics necessary to measure the campaigns progress and work closely to develop the procedures, knowledge base, scripting and other requirements for the project. This might include items such as direct mail, web site requirements, and email systems.

Once all the requirements are defined we begin the training process of the customer service staff.

During the Program

Once your program gets started we will make modifications based on feedback from you as well as your customers that will enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.

We believe in improving the project while it’s ongoing whenever possible rather than waiting until the program concludes.


While we provide comprehensive list of standard reports, our clients have always appreciated our flexibility in customizing their reports if the appropriate data is available. Our reporting includes the status of all calls as well as their resolution. We can include items such as reasons a prospect may have refused your service or why they decided to purchase it. We can also provide reports on online chat usage and emails.

Review Process

We meet on a regular basis with our clients to review results and most importantly to listen to their team’s comments, concerns and recommendations for improving the campaign. Actual results are compared to any metrics defined during the campaign in order to judge its success.

Together we analyze all the information at the conclusion of a campaign and use it to guide our direction for future efforts.