Sales and Marketing Programs

Are you looking for ways to increase revenue from the sale of extended warranties or extended service plans? As a retailer, are you maximizing your current sales? If you are a manufacturer, would you like to offset the cost of your factory warranty liabilities?

ACS provides comprehensive marketing and sales plans for extended warranty and extended service plans. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor we can help you improve customer satisfaction by operating as an extension of your sales department. We also have a full complement of partners that can provide a complete ESP program including underwriting for extended service plans and merchant account services.

Retailers and Distributors

Many retailers successfully sell extended service plans (ESP) at point-of-sale, providing a great source of additional revenue. But if you aren’t following up with customers that don’t purchase a plan at the point of sale (POS) you are missing out on a significant source of additional revenue. Our experience has also shown that renewals have a 30% to 40% attachment rate. ACS can provide distinct advantages for increasing the sale of your Extended Service Plans, Extended Warranties or Extended Service Contracts.

The first issue retailers must deal with is sales staff that don’t promote ESPs. This is quite common with seasonal or new help. Depending on training and management direction, Extened Service Plans may not be a priority for your sales associates.

Our contact center personnel are dedicated to the sale of ESPs for our clients. We target the right message at just the right time to the buyer. Customers become more motivated to buy as they near the end of the factory warranty. A good program will offer a staged communication plan that may include an early email followed by a direct mail piece followed by an out-bound telemarketing call. In many cases we have found the email and letter is more likely to generate an in-bound call from the prospect rather than an online purchase because they prefer to talk to someone on the phone before buying.

Our CSR’s will up-sell the ESP plan and can work  through questions with the prospect about the best package. We always maintain the utmost professionalism in communication with your customers. Our experience as a third party adminstrator has ingrained the fact that we are the face of your company when we are making contact for you.

We can help the retailer scale their sales effort for seasonal or promotional periods without the worries of hiring and managing additional staff. Retailers that want to maximize their revenue from Extended Service Plans should explore the advantages of partnering with a contact center that specializes in ESP sales. This is just one of many ways ACS can help support and expand your business.


Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of managing costs for their factory warranty programs. Even with improved quality control, factory warranties can be a substantial cost center. Let us help you put an extended warranty or extended service plans in place. The additional revenue provided can become a significant profit center for you.

We provide all the necessary services to promote and sell extended warranties and extended service plans for your products. We provide a central contact point for all your warranty sales issues and can process the transactions at point of sale as well as focusing on sales prior to the expiration of the factory warranty period. We also focus on renewal programs for service, software and hardware maintenance.

By using a combination of emails, direct mail, our call center and ecommerce solutions, we maximize our reach to your customers. We have found the call center to be the key to the success of our ESP program. Historically over 80% of closed sales are the result of our trained CSRs communicating directly with the customer.

If you already have a program in place, let us provide solutions to increase your programs effectiveness. We can seemlessly support any existing program by filling in the gaps in your marketing efforts and operating as an extension of your sales department.