Key to any good contact center program is timely, accurate reporting. With ACS, you will have access to both online as well as printed copies of your campaign metrics in a format designed for you, not just from a boiler plate system.

While we provide comprehensive list of standard reports, our clients have always appreciated our flexibility in customizing their reports if the appropriate data is available. Our reporting includes the status of all calls as well as their resolution. We can include items such as reasons a prospect may have refused your service or why they decided to purchase it.

Here are just a few of the items we track and report on for our clients.

Number of inbound and or outbound calls/emails

  • Average speed-to-answer, abandon rate, average call length and more
  • Reasons for calls/emails, agent action taken. Resolution.
  • Problems by brand or product.
  • Attachment rate by region, brand, product, type of service contract
  • Weekly, Monthly, Year-to-Date, trend lines, graphs and reports