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About Us

Contact Center Services Since 1982

In 1982, Advanced Customer Services (ACS) launched its first call center to serve the growing “extended service plan” industry. Since that time, we have increased the number of our locations, upgraded our systems and enhanced our staffing requirements to become a leading full service contact center.

With offices in Michigan and Florida we are a 100% US-based contact center.

Our evolving contact center business model starts with the call center at its core, then enhances it with a combination of new technologies, additional communication channels and a proactive approach to supporting your business.


Our Mission Statement

We strive to develop and produce innovative, cost-effective contact center programs for our customers using proven marketing and customer service principles, creative ideas, appropriate technologies and the highest quality resources.


Our Guiding Principles

  1. Listen to our customers.
  2. Never be satisfied with marginally profitable results.
  3. Continue to look for ways to further enhance our products and services.
  4. By helping make our customers become the leaders in their respective industries we position ACS to be among the leaders in the contact center industry.


James Agnello
President and CEO